BronyCAN has ended
BronyCAN is a fan-run My Little Pony convention based in Richmond, British Columbia. BronyCAN was the first My Little Pony convention in Canada, and is returning for a second year on the 22nd-24th August 2014. This year, we stand united against an invading changeling horde and their vicious leader, Queen Volucris.

Please note: convention schedules being what they are, ours may change up until the day of the convention. This schedule will be updated accordingly, and a pocket programme will be distributed at the convention for your reference.

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Richard Cox

Richard Ian Cox has been acting in film and television since the late 1700’s. 
Understandably, work was hard to come by in the early days before the invention of 
either medium. It wasn’t until the release of the first talkies in 1927 that Richard’s 
career started to show signs of life. He first became known to the viewing public 
with the airing of “The Adventures of the Black Stallion” in 1990. Richard’s modern 
career has included regular stints on “Cold Squad”, “Beggars and Choosers”, 
“Breaker High”, as well as guest starring roles on “Stargate: SG1”, “Stargate: 
Atlantis”, “Eureka”, “Fringe”, “Once Upon a Time” and films including “Alive”, “R.V.”, 
“Battle in Seattle”, “Ghost Rider”.
Richard has also enjoyed a varied career in animation . . . well not the animation 
part, the talking part. Roles in “Ranma 1⁄2”, “Inuyasha”, “Botsmaster”, “Trouble 
Chocolate”, “First Gundam”, “Mega Man”, “Gundam Seed”, “Hamtaro”, “Gundam 00”, 
“Being Ian”, “X-Men Evolution”, “Will and Dewitt”, “Care Bears”, Disney XD’s Max 
Steel, and of course, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” . . . as well as a bunch of 
other stuff, has earned Richard a reputation as a guy who knows which end of a 
mic to speak into. Richard is excited to be attending Bronycan and telling everyone 
about “Last Night in Suburbia”. Check Richard out on Facebook, Twitter, and on his 
website at www.richardiancox.com