BronyCAN has ended
BronyCAN is a fan-run My Little Pony convention based in Richmond, British Columbia. BronyCAN was the first My Little Pony convention in Canada, and is returning for a second year on the 22nd-24th August 2014. This year, we stand united against an invading changeling horde and their vicious leader, Queen Volucris.

Please note: convention schedules being what they are, ours may change up until the day of the convention. This schedule will be updated accordingly, and a pocket programme will be distributed at the convention for your reference.

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CloudBolt joined the fandom not too long ago, about May of 2013. He soon found himself working at Celestia Radio, the fandoms oldest online radio station, he has interviewed and met many people from all around the community and the show itself. He is a B.C local, he just has to go for a little swim from Vancouver island to get to BronyCAN. He is proud to be a Brony and an Air Cadet, passions range from playing colorful equine music to flying to Biathlon to adventuring