BronyCAN has ended
BronyCAN is a fan-run My Little Pony convention based in Richmond, British Columbia. BronyCAN was the first My Little Pony convention in Canada, and is returning for a second year on the 22nd-24th August 2014. This year, we stand united against an invading changeling horde and their vicious leader, Queen Volucris.

Please note: convention schedules being what they are, ours may change up until the day of the convention. This schedule will be updated accordingly, and a pocket programme will be distributed at the convention for your reference.

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Founder, Lead Developer
Best Coast, Canada
Feld0 found his cutie mark in coding when he realized that throwing code at the wall was the only way to make Pony.fm, a site just for pony music, a reality. One short year later, he’s putting out server fires for BronyCAN, founded Poniverse to encompass an ever-growing repertoire of pony fan projects, and is pursuing a computer science degree at the University of British Columbia. Inspired by the improvements software has made to civilization and our way of life, he wants nothing more than to make the world a better place, one line of code at a time.